Whether you’re one of the 4.77 million people in the UK that are self-employed or have a passionate hobby, you’ll probably be aware that an environment conducive to that activity is paramount to achievement and happiness.

This is how we came across, and came to love, the new interiors book, appropriately titled Studio, by Sally Coulthard.

The premise of the book is actually ‘creative spaces for creative people’, which to some may be misleading. I’m sure you’d try and argue that there would be some jobs and possibly hobbies that would not command, require or desire creativity but actually, all jobs, even those in, let’s say, accountancy for example, require the ability to problem solve and ‘think outside of the box’. So as they say, do not judge a book by its cover.

Lise Meunier, Joanna Maclennan - page 106Q

Ceramic Artist and Stylist Lise Meunier’s Studio. Photography by Joanna Maclennan

Whatever your realm of work, hobby or craft, our tastes will differ. What inspires us and motivates us will be diverse.  But ultimately a workspace that is tailored to our tastes will undoubtedly be more productive than one that isn’t.  Studio, will inspire and direct you into creating something uniquely yours to help you in whatever element it is you need your space to be.


Bloggers Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick’s studio. Photography by Janis Nicholas

The book will provide illustrious examples to help you envision the type of space you are looking to create in whatever space it is you have available- don’t think that it has be a dedicated room or warehouse somewhere for you to carve out an area of your room or office to being distinctly yours.  Sally will provide inspiration on what may inspire you to think creatively, direct you on the types of items you may require to work within themes or even to influence a design you may not have even considered that you simply love.  She will also help with planning your studio in entirely new spaces and help you consider all the aspects it is you need to for working; from the very basic blueprint of the space/rooms functionality to the work surfaces, seating and lighting that will be instrumental in your new working environment.

Studio Review

Sally Taylor’s Stone Barn Studio. Photography by Victoria Harley

Whether you’re looking to fabricate a space that is inspiring for work of pleasure or you have a general interest in interior design and effective use of spaces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what this book will offer.

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