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Perfect for the start of summer, a little romcom (more rom than com) with some steamy moments.

Set in the ballet world – just like Chloe Angyal’s previous non-fiction book, Pas de Don’t is about Heather’s recovery from a pretty ugly breakup.

Pas de Don't

She is an international star in the ballet world, but when her ballet star fiancé cheats on her and they break up, it seems everyone only saw her as part of a package rather than her own worth. As her future mother-in-law used to say: it’s only because of Jack that she made it out of the New York Ballet Corps to become a principal dancer. And now everyone thinks like that.

The only place that offers Heather a job is the Australian National Ballet as Giselle for a month, dancing at the Sydney Opera House.

It’s the perfect escape, and ANB has a very different vibe to NYB: modern rules, female leads and choreographers, very unlike the reign of Mr K back in New York.

One rule turns out to be tricky though because right on her first day, Heather walks in on Marcus in the changing room and they quickly become close friends. Still recovering from an accident, Marcus is assigned as her Sydney guide and soon they are very close to breaking the famous Pas de Don’t rule at ANB: Absolutely no dating allowed between dancers. Should they do so – and get caught – dismissal is certain. But Heather and Marcus think they can pull it off.

They have a beautiful couple of weeks in Sydney together as Heather prepares for her role and Marcus’ Achilles is healing. They make a cute couple (behind closed doors and away from the city) and the bedroom scenes are definitely hot. But these arrangements tend to go wrong, and so does this one…

Pas de Don’t by Chloe Angyal was published 2nd May 2023 by Amberjack Publishing, available via Kindle to the UK. ISBN: 1641609087

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