Review: No Judgments, by Meg Cabot

Posted on Sep 25 2019 - 9:00am by Claire Herbaux

The summer is over… but you can make it last a little longer with the perfect summer read – the first of the Little Bridge Island series by Meg Cabot!

“No Judgements” has everything you need to feel good and keep that summer feeling a little longer: Florida year-round sun, a hot guy to dream about, romance, some cute pets to care about and a happy ending.

Bree is enjoying her life on Little Bridge Island with her rescue cat Gary, working at the Mermaid Café, and taking a break. She needed to get away from her previous life in New York and from Calvin, her ex, and his best friend Kyle. She needs time to process what happened and the island is perfect.

Then, a Category Five Hurricane is heading for the island in the Florida Keys and residents are urged to evacuate. Except Bree decides to stay along with some of the long-term residents of the island. They make the most of the situation and have a hurricane party, the café gives out free food and everyone is helping each other.

But what about the pets left behind during the hurricane? Once Bree finds out about the first few residents who left their animals at home when they evacuated, she starts a mission to help ALL the abandoned pets and it becomes a task she cannot handle alone. There is one other animal lover who is willing to help though and that’s her boss’ nephew Drew…

Do we know there will be a happy ending for Bree and the animals? Of course we do.

Does it make it any less fun to read? Of course not!

This is the feel-good novel you are looking for to extend the warm, fuzzy summer feeling just a little bit longer.

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