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If you – like us – have somehow completely missed Luma Mufleh’s TED talk back in 2017, then you may have no idea what her book is about, or in fact, who she is. Whether you know the backstory or not, Learning America makes for an interesting read and you will find yourself thinking and reflecting about it for a while.

Completely by accident, Mufleh comes across children playing football and soon becomes their coach. She quickly realises though, that a lot of these children – all refugees from different countries – can’t read nor write.

The situation for refugee children living in the US (and most likely elsewhere) is very different from the America she herself arrived in when she herself came from Jordan. Slowly, through different personal stories of the refugee children, we learn about the extent of the problem as well as about Mufleh’s fight for educational justice.

While it isn’t always easy to imagine the situations or understand the extent of each case that arises in Mufleh’s book (and life) you will find yourself caring and more importantly reflecting and talking about it – and in the end that’s what a good book is about.

Learning America, by Luma Mufleh, published April 2022 by Harper Collins.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0358569729

Take a look at the inspiring TED Talk here:

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