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Lots of changes and new beginnings this month, as is always the case when we come to the end of summer and the start of the new school year.

In these times, a feel-good book with familiar characters is even more of a safe haven from our everyday. And indeed, it’s a joy to read Alice and Naomi and Kate and the villagers again, even if for them the war is still going on, rations are still limited and what’s worse, the bookshop is in danger. (After the vicar passes away, who knows who will take over and what they will think of the bookshop?)

Land Girls at the War Time Bookshop
The Land Girls at the Wartime Bookshop

Alice’s fiancé Daniel is still at war and she is still no closer to finding a job she can do with her injured hand; Naomi and her husband Alexander are drifting further apart, in fact it feels like he’s hiding something, and Kate has to deal with the new challenge of Land Girls helping out at the farm (or not) to make up the labour lost with her brothers enlisting. On top of which, the bookshop being in peril is making everyone worry. After all, it’s not just about the books, but about the events, the help and the community.

It’s the sense of community and friendship that makes this book an uplifting read despite the wartime backdrop. The way people check in on each other in times of illness, Naomi slowly opening up to Bert, who clearly sees that something isn’t right with her, and how everyone rallies to support young Adam to become the new vicar (and keep the bookshop running).

Being transported into the 1940s (though in my head I see Alice as Jenny Lee in call the midwife because of her caring personality) takes us back to a quieter time. Churchwood isn’t at the heart of the war and we are back in a place where time moves more slowly, where we communicate in person (unless we ask Naomi to use her telephone), and ration sugar to make jam and a present of a homemade jar of pickles is gratefully accepted. We need this simplicity and it’s what makes this book so wholesome.

Land Girls at the Wartime Bookshop’ by Lesley Eames was published by Penguin Transworld 17th August 2023 ISBN13: 9781529177367

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