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The title seems so simple it’s almost whimsical, but behind it hides a truly beautiful story.

It seems simple at the beginning: Sarah Ready’s book is about Gemma, who wants a baby and has decided not to wait for the perfect man, or to wait at all. Instead, she’s going to ask her brother’s best friend, who is already basically part of the family, for a little donation.

Josh and Gemma make a baby review

Seems simple enough. Except Gemma got an infertility diagnosis a year back and Josh isn’t too keen on the idea – in fact he is hurt to be used that at first, he declines.

When they do agree to give it a try, it is a business arrangement, but it’s hard to keep feelings out of something so personal. Between the uncomfortable doctors’ appointments and the hormone treatments, they get themselves into some awkward situations which will make you – as a reader – laugh (and be glad not to be in that situation).

And it turns out Josh is a really good guy, and a good sport for sitting through it all. The guy who she only really knew as her brother’s friend, who lives in his dad’s basement and draws for a living with a comic Gemma’s never read, becomes her closest friend (along with the crazy ladies in her infertility group of course) and the only person who knows what she is up to.

Josh is the true gem of this story and takes it from a funny, entertaining read to a truly sweet rom-com and one of the best romantic stories I have read – with a twist I really didn’t expect it.

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby was published by Swift & Lewis Publishing on the 25th January 2022. ISBN-10: ‎1954007221

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