Lilith Wade is a serial killer. She was arrested and jailed for brutally murdering six women.

Families of the victims have even created an online forum, Healing Hope, where they share their thoughts and the pain of carrying on without their wife, sister or mother.

What they don’t know, it that there is an imposter in their forum. Someone who follows their every conversation and is obsessed with them. Someone who is not related to the victims, but is nevertheless linked to them and whose life was forever changed by Lilith Wade. Her daughter, Edie Beckett.

Edie seems to live only to stalk her mother’s victims. She goes as far as meeting with Peter, whose wife was murdered 17 years before. She comes back to his apartment, sleeps with him, and the next morning he is found dead.

Edie is obsessed, Edie is an alcoholic, Edie is the daughter of a serial killer.
And now she is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
If anyone is going to believe she is innocent, she needs to find the murderer herself, so she becomes a fugitive and starts investigating.

She is stuck between the constant fear of a mentally ill killer’s blood running in her veins and the risk of being recognised or caught while she is on the run.

If you have read Kate Moretti before, you will know you cannot possibly guess who did it, or any of what happens in between.

But after the tension builds towards to find out what happened that night Peter was shot (and why), in the ‘epilogue’ we get to find out how life turns out for the girl who lived her life as the serial killer’s daughter, and who always feared she may have too much of her mother in herself.
That’s what I call a satisfying ending.

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