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How to Save the World for FreeWhether you are already trying to be green (beyond recycling correctly that is) or whether this is all new to you, there will be something to learn and take away in How to Save the World for Free.

Let’s start with a staggering fact though:

“In the case of straws, coffee cups, lids and stirrers, we’re using a material which lasts forever, to make things we’ll use for only a few seconds.”

So yes, there is a problem. With plastic and many, many other aspects of our every day life. While you may not be able to go out and buy a full new wardrobe of bamboo clothing tomorrow (that would not be free and be wasting the clothes you have already), there are lots of things to take from the book, and many more mental notes to take for the future as well.

And in a time when everyone is talking about the environment, it is helpful to have a step-by-step guide to help you out of the dark place the news gets you into and onto a path of actively fighting the problem.

From eating (it takes 180 showers’ worth of water to make a single pound of beef) to travel, to sex and porn (yes, you read that right), there are things we can change in every aspect of our lives. The truth about the state of our planet is sad, but you will have some laugh-out-loud moments reading this!

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