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Happy-ish can describe many things. For example, most of us would, the majority of the time, say we are happy. Ish. Being truly happy is a whole other business. And so Jeanette Escudero’s Happyish could really be describing any of us on any given day. But it doesn’t. It starts with Alex Martinez. On a very special day. The one year anniversary of her divorce. And she is truly happy about it. Or she should be.

If it wasn’t for Bob. Bob isn’t her ex-husband, no, Bob comes into her life the day of her big divorce celebration and it’s the name she gives the unpronouceable tumor she finds out is growing inside her.

Happyish Jeanette Escudero

None of us know how we would react in such a situation, so while Alex’ reaction is somewhat odd, maybe that’s her way to deal? Because instead of booking straight in for surgery – as suggested by her doctor – she names her pesky “little problem” Bob and ignores him. When things go wrong at work and she is urged to take a vacation, she finally makes a plan. The plan is still to ignore Bob, not tell her mothers, and travel.

The book starts off a little slow while she ignores Bob and deals with her work problems, but as she starts her travels, we find out more about her late sister, whose bucketlist she is trying to tick off, and how much it affected her and her mothers. Her travel adventures and travel companions are entertaining and she becomes a lot more loveable.

That’s when things become serious, the headaches start getting stronger and more regular, and she is forced to face Bob. It is also when the books turns from funny to pulling on your heart strings.

Needless to say there is a bit of everything: some family drama, funny travel companions, a good-looking hiking guide, friendship and some serious health complications – just the right thing to curl up on the sofa as the days are rapidly becoming colder.

Happyish, by Jeanette Escudero, published: 20 september 2022, ISBN: 1713638096, ISBN13: 9781713638094

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