Title: intriguing.

Time span of the book: one evening.

Content: mind-boggling

Think of school reunions, class reunions; they are awkward and no one knows what to say. Think of seeing an old friend again, your best friend; it’s like old times, chatting, catching up, laughing. Now think of running into an ex; I’ll leave that one open.

Combine all of the above. Charlotte and Felix meet seventeen years after leaving college, when Charlotte had abruptly ended their relationship on the last day. What do you say? Will you recognise each other? Will you suddenly feel like two youngsters again.

Charlotte broke up with Felix and left for Hong Kong. Felix was heart broken and it took him years to move on. Now Felix is married with children and to this day he doesn’t understand what happened to Charlotte that day.

 “White wine and champagne, you’re pushing the boat aren’t you pet? I can’t get too pissed.”

Charlotte laughed, then carried on giggling, “I love it when you say pet; it’s so funny, and so, you know?”

“Eeye, I know Pet!”

She laughed again louder. The people at the next table smiled at her, thinking she was merry, which she was now. She did not often drink at lunch times.

It’s a short read, with two surprising turns. What did Charlotte do all this time? Why did she come back and desperately wanted to meet?

This was a Goodreads giveaway by author Ian M Pindar

Foot-sex of the Mind, by Ian M. Pindar

First published: 13 December 2014

ISBN13: 9781503032095

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