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Who doesn’t love flowers? They smell wonderful, as gifts they can make your day, at celebrations they’re a prominent feature, they transform spaces and generally brighten our days. I often marvel at the craftsmanship of arranging a beautiful bunch as elegantly as the experts do, envious of the knowledge and skill it takes to piece such exquisite displays together; from the small arrangements you place on your coffee table to the centre piece at the wedding breakfast, it’s an acquired ability.

Floristry Now hand tied

Discover new flowers, seasonal and colour palettes and how to create beautiful arrangements. Photo by Rachel Whiting

Paula Pryke is the illustrious floral designer behind the new book Floristry Now. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Paula imparts some of her wisdom in this area in the form of beautiful illustrations that will inspire you. Within this book you’ll find how you can draw inspiration for creating displays, learn about the floral palettes and their suitability for season and occasion and even discover new favourite flowers. It doesn’t just focus on a particular season either, you’ll gather plenty of ideas that will have you creating displays all year round with the flowers that are seasonally available and complement the seasonal palette.

Floristry Now table display

Be inspired to create unique and beautiful displays. Photo by Polly Eltes

The step by step guides are a valuable resource to have too and you’ll be shown how to create every display you can think of including: hand-tied bouquets, linear table arrangements, centerpieces, basket arrangements, urn arrangements both small and large, suitable for indoors and out.

Floristry now

From small to big- the step by step and pallette guides will inspire you. Photo by Rachel Whiting

Whether you’re looking to develop the enviable talent that florists have mastered, inspiration for gift ideas (we love the baskets ideal for Mother’s Day!- there’s still time) or whether you’d like to make your own arrangements for your wedding day or special occasion and save a pretty penny in the process, this book will provide the inspiration and guidance to do just that.

We’ve also got two copies of this incredible book up for grabs over on our competitions page- make sure you check it out.

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