Review: Escape Hunt, The Fourth Samurai

Posted on Mar 28 2018 - 12:30pm by Samantha Clark

There is a challenge associated with writing a review of a social event which relies on surprise and secrecy as its main form of entertainment.

Escape Hunt is a new escape room experience to the UK after establishing itself as one of the leading immersive games in the world. Those unfamiliar with escape rooms should know, it’s an exciting puzzle based adventure in which you and your team are locked in a room or limited environment needing to solve puzzles or take on physical challenges to find an exit.

We tried the new Samurai adventure in Cabot Circus (Bristol), although they also have locations in Birmingham and Leeds. Having done quite a few escape rooms before, we were brimming with confidence and knew what to expect, or at least that’s what we thought!

Whilst the escape room is like most others we have done in the past, this was one of the most enjoyable ones I have completed, not just because of the well thought out, in-depth and cryptic puzzles, but because the whole venue was part of an experience where we really felt immersed in the ambiance. This was very much down to our host Cody who really created a dramatic and detailed description of the background story to our adventure.

Even the entrance to the venue had a mystical and inquisitive feel about it as we entered a very small niche shopfront before taking an elevator downstairs to the host room which was perfectly set us up for a night of tough sleuthing.

I won’t tell you anything more about the specific adventure we took. I’ll leave that for your visit. Rest assured though you’ll have a blast with your friends or loved ones and we are already planning our next trip to try their second theme room opening in May. For those of you that like a little competition, they even have a mirror room set up allowing you to ‘race’ to escape for bragging rights as the best puzzle solvers.

Escape Hunt were the most accommodating out of all the escape rooms I have done, and whilst I have done escape rooms with more drama, this is one of the most immersive and entertaining venues I’ve had the opportunity to visit.

Anyone who is a fan of this time of activity, or puzzle games or tv shows like The Crystal Maze should give these guys a try, it’s an incredible experience and will bring you together with anyone you share this experience with.

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