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Just the warmth we need this festive season.

None of us expected to still be thinking about masks and group sizes and isolation, and yet here we are and in desperate need for something uplifting – enter Cocoa for Two.

Cocoa for Two

A quaint small town, cutely named Awesome

A legacy, in the form of Grandma Rose’s gift Shop and house (including remodel)

A Christmas festival to celebrate

A famous vlogger coming home

A handsome army veteran now running a hardware store and remodelling the house

A sprinkle of quirky family members and townspeople


Have the travel vlogger Brie and army vet Adam meet on her first night while he remodels her house and let him basically save her life.

Make sure Brie stays in town by giving her the job of chairing the Holidays in the Square festival and making sure she opens the gift shop for the holiday season by ordering the complete Christmas inventory.

Let it simmer in the run up to Christmas to let them completely fall in love with each other.

Check once in a while if feelings are rising and to see what the future holds for Brie.

Serve in two cute Christmas cups from Rose’s Gift Shoppe.

Cocoa for Two by Claudia Shelton was published by CCS Writings on the 29th November 2021. ISBN: 0996822690.

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