Will you enjoy reading this? Of course you will.

If you are reading this very article, then you are likely to enjoy books and then this book is made for you!

It does exactly what it says on the tin: It is a memoir of one bookworm’s (or is it every bookworm?) childhood. We all remember certain books which shaped us as readers and Lucy Mangan is going through this beautiful journey of becoming a reader, making is relive it all over again.

Lucy’s memories are very detailed, but reading her account of childhood reading will jog some memories of your own – it did for me.

Just think back: To the first book you remember, the first one you read by yourself, your first library card, the first series you devoured… the memories are endless and they are happy ones.

“Remember hiding a book on your lap to get yourself through breakfast? Remember getting hit on the head by footballs in the playground because you were off in Cair Parvel? Remember taking yourself to the furthest corner of the sofa in the furthest room of the house with a stack of Enid Blytons and praying that everyone would forget about you till bedtime? Come bedtime, do you remember waiting four nanoseconds after the door closed befor whipping out your torch and carrying on where parental stricture had required you leave off until tomorrow?”

Once in a while, Mangan will discuss a book or topic which you cannot relate to, which feels odd, because from the first page, it feels like you are book soulmates, but bear with it, because you will soon find common ground again.

My favourite moment was when it came to Enid Blyton. Probably because they are some of the happiest memories and Mangan brought them back to life. I suddenly found myself back in my childhood room, frantically writing down which one of the Malory Towers books I had before heading to a library book sale to hopefully find the odd book of the series I didn’t have in my collection yet. Those were the days when you couldn’t order online yet and you had to wait for the lucky day you came across the last one which would complete your collection.

You are in for a trip down memory lane and it is one of the best kind!

Bookworm – A memoir of childhood reading, by Lucy Mangan; published by Penguin Random House; ISBN: 978-0-224-09885-4

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