Oh, wonderful Christmas Time… or is it?

Maggie just got let go when she was expecting a promotion, dumped by her boyfriend, and has a worrying message from her doctor on her voicemail. And now she’s off on leave to help out in her late mum’s company for a few weeks.

A lot has changed since she left the little cottage, her life with her sister Sarah, who raised her and the neighbours’ boys she grew up with. At the time though, Maggie didn’t just leave for a job in London: Things with Nathan ended badly. They were friends, she told him she loved him, and he left her. He abandoned her. And now it’s her first Christmas back with the entire family…

It’s a less than perfect Christmas and while she can throw herself into her mum’s old company for work, the doctor’s call is hanging over her. How bad is it?

An Imperfect Christmas

In happier news, her sister Sarah finally – FINALLY, after years of living with Paul and having a 10-year-old daughter Evie together – said “yes” and is getting married. So there are some happy moments ahead, but first Maggie has to deal with the call, and Nathan, and eventually with finding a new job.

Lovable Maggie is just what we need this Christmas. She is struggling – like many – with the fear of being left or abandoned (again) and can’t trust to let anyone in. She has built a new corporate life in London, so far from her laid-back life in jeans at the cottage. Is the London-Maggie really who she is? Has she lost sight of what mattered most while she was chasing directorship?

We won’t tell you if she will get the happy-ever-after you want, but we can say this: Weddings are happy and Maggie will find the right way for her. Oh and there are some surprising twists waiting for you!

An Imperfect Christmas by Tanya Jean Russell is out now and available for just £1.99 on Kindle at Amazon.

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