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Welcome back to the Walsh Family and Rachel, who is now doing a lot better than she was when she was last the heroine of the Walsh Family series (Rachel’s Holiday, back in 2007).

In Again, Rachel, she is no longer the addict in her 20s being sent to rehab and pining after her ex Luke.

Now, in 2022, she is a counsellor at the Cloisters, treating people for addiction and she is happy with her boyfriend Quinn.

But when her old flame is back in town from the States (for his mother’s funeral of all things), it becomes complicated. Suddenly she doesn’t know how she feels anymore, all the feelings of Luke leaving her come back, and of course her family each have an opinion as well.

Again Rachel Marian Keyes

Unfortunately, Rachel in her 40s is a lot less captivating than she was in her 20s. The book felt extremely long and the storyline stretched out more than necessary. Halfway through, it still wasn’t clear what it would really be about and the interesting story twist came so late, I had almost zoned out. (Weren’t it for my rule to finish books to give them every possible chance, I probably would have put it down earlier.)

Although the last fifth was interesting and a little unexpected, it took a loooong time to get there and there were just too many references to Luke’s tight trousers. (As her ex-husband, is that really all everyone remembers and thinks about twenty years later?) It all felt repetitive and sadly it wasn’t an entertaining read at all. A shame for such a seasoned author.

Again, Rachel by Marian Keyes was published 17th February 2022 by Penguin. IBSN: 9780241441121

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