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Christmas is everywhere now: on the radio, on television, in the shops – and on our bookshelves!

There is nothing like a heartwarming book with a perfect Christmas scene to get you into the holiday spirit; so here is it, Chrissie Manby‘s new book, A Wedding At Christmas! Out on the 19th November, it is time to pre-order, put it on your wishlist or make it a present for someone.

The Benson family is back: Chelsea’s boyfriend finally proposed and she has a year to plan the wedding. If you don’t know who the Benson’s are and haven’t read about them before, you will catch up quickly. Jacqui and Dave have three daughters. Annabel, the eldest, was given away for adoption but looked for by her birth mother and is now reunited with her parents and sisters. Ronnie got married to Mark last year and they have two children, Sophie and Jack. And then there is the youngest, Chelsea, who met her boyfriend Adam and his daughter Lily on the family vacation to Lanzarote.

The engagement party is a success: the guests, the cake, the family – everything is great, except for Granddad Bill. Chelsea’s granddad, already getting on in years, is taken to hospital on the day of the party and his health makes Chelsea and her fiancee rethink their year-long engagement. After all, can it really take twelve months to plan a wedding? Surely it must be doable in twelve weeks?
The more Chelsea plans, the more a Christmas wedding seems like a winter fairy tale come to life. A reception in a barn, poinsettias, holly, a Christmas menu and a beautiful vintage dress – a winter wonderland setting for her perfect day.

But no wedding is easy and straightforward to plan. Real life gets in the way and suddenly there is a budget, bridesmaid dresses to plan, decisions on decorations, chair dressing, a last-minute venue … and family! From the parents of Adam’s late wife (and her future step-daughter’s grandparents) right down to her own sisters, Chelsea has a lot to worry about.

What comes out of it is a joyful, light-hearted family novel with a pinch of drama, a little romance, some fun, adorable mischievous cousins and the right amount of Christmas spirit to get you into the mood of the festive season.

A Wedding At Christmas, by Chrissie Manby
Published 19 November 2015ISBN: 9781473615380

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