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This Sunday is stir up sunday. The final sunday before advent begins. The day we traditionally prepare the pudding for Christmas. I’ll be in my kitchen this weekend keeping tradition and will not only be making the Christmas puddings, but I’ll be making a batch of my Dad’s mince pies.

This Christmas pudding recipe I am sharing with you today is actually a Marks & Spencer’s recipe. I made it as part of my host/hostess gifts for last Christmas and it was a huge hit at both houses. It was so simple to do too, easy to manage and tasted beautiful. This year, not only am I making it as part of my host/hostess gifts but I am giving them to friends too.

Christmas pudding

You’ll need:

225g/8oz Caster sugar
340g/12oz Sultanas
340g/12oz Raisins
225g/8oz Currants
50g/2oz Glace cherries
110g/4oz Plain flour
1 lemon, zest only
5 Free Range eggs, beaten
1 level tsp Ground cinnamon
1 level tsp Mixed spice
5g/1 level tsp Ground nutmeg
Pinch of salt
150ml/5fl oz French Brandy


  • Soak the fruit in brandy overnight- if you don’t want an alcoholic one, just skip this step – the brandy is to plump the fruit and keep the pudding moist but mine were fine without
  • Mix together the ingredients and spoon the mixture into your pudding basin (we recommend the pudding basins with lids in John Lewis- we’ve searched everywhere, trust us!)
  • Put a circle of baking paper and circle of foil over the top and make a string handle (we’ll share a video on how to do this ASAP)
  • Steam the pudding for 6-7 hours. Tip for if you don’t have a steamer: In a large saucepan turn over a saucer in the centre, place the pudding on the saucer, pour water around the pudding until it reaches the pudding half way, put a lid over the saucepan and leave to steam.
  • Remove from the steamer and store in a cool, dry place until Christmas day.
  • To reheat the pudding, steam again for 1-2 hours and serve with a brandy butter, custard or rum sauce.

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