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Berry Bircher Muesli

This bircher muesli recipe can be made the night before, saving you stress and time in the mornings. Breakfast is an incredibly important meal, yet a third of Brits skip it. Here are 5 reasons why you should eat breakfast everyday:

  • It helps to control weight (NHS).
  • The right breakfast provides nutrients, energy and if you eat cereal, other nourishments such as zinc, iron, Vitamin B and Calcium (Telegraph).
  • Eating breakfast curbs cravings. You’re more likely to snack on high calorie foods if you skip breakfast meaning you’re more likely to put on weight (Guardian).
  • Breakfast kick starts your metabolism in the morning. It ensures, with the right breakfast, the proper process of digestion, release of energy, and the way in which our body processes nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • It can aid in the prevention and/or control of life threatening conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions.

If that wasn’t reason enough, check out this Live Science article which has 4, incredibly interesting reasons you should never skip breakfast.

Now we’ve got that out the way and you’re dying to get stuck into your new routine, or for those that already partaking but looking for something new, this bircher muesli the recipe for you!


200g Quaker Oats Rolled Oats
2 red apples, grated
150g Waitrose LOVE Life Dried Berry Mix
400ml Tropicana Creations Apple & Mango Juice
300g Greek-style yogurt
3 tbsp honey
50g Waitrose LOVE Life Almonds, roughly chopped


  1. Place the oats, grated apple and berries in a bowl. Pour over the juice, mix well together then cover and chill overnight.
  2. Divide between 6 small bowls and top with yogurt. Drizzle with honey and scatter over the chopped almonds. Serve with a glass of fruit juice

Nutrition 405kcals/8.4g protein/64.4g carbohydrate/43.7g sugars/12.6g fat/4g saturated fat/5.6g fibre/0.1g salt/ 2.2mg vitamin E per serving

This recipe was provided by Waitrose. If you liked this bircher museli, we highly recommend checking out their recipes page for more breakfast ideas.

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