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A simply sweet and heart-warming story with an absolutely lovable character – what more could you want?

Readers, we will be honest with you at this point: we considered not reviewing this book for you because we thought it may not speak to you because Jennifer, our heroine (she may not slay dragons but she is nevertheless a heroine) is a little older than most of you. We didn’t mean to be narrow-minded, we just thought it may not speak to you, just as a teen novel may not speak to you (unless you are trying to understand your teen). Well, we are glad we gave it a try, because you won’t find a sweeter character, and while her age is at the centre of the storyline, the book is by no means for over 50s only.

The Woman Who Took a Chance

Jennifer was a flight attendant all her life (she started when they were probably still called stewardesses) and she loved her job. It wasn’t a fancy airline, it was a cheap airline taking people on their booze holidays or packaged resort break, but she was good at her job, professional, and surrounded by colleagues she liked. That is, until the airline went bust, and she found herself grounded.

Except for a short break while she had her daughter, she had never been on the ground for so long, her life was dictated by her flight schedule (and she wasn’t complaining). Her daughter Hannah is all grown up and living in London and before then, Hannah’s father – a friend who she had something with once – was a brilliant co-parent which made her crazy work schedule possible.

And now here she is, just past middle-aged (unless she lives to be older than 100), single, living alone, and looking for a job after years in the same industry and everyone – especially her daughter – are trying to get her to try online dating “because no one meets the old-fashioned way anymore”. And what is the harm in trying, right?

What follows are some humorous profiles, conversations and encounters, from the heating specialist to the fancy lawyer and a bread maker. But in the end, the person you find yourself really rooting for is Jennifer. For her to find what she wants in life, for her mum to be ok, for her to make new friends.

Her age is not irrelevant, in fact it’s the heart and soul of the story, but it shows that you can very well relate with someone older than you and that in the end – when you think about it – it really is just about taking a chance.

The Woman Who Took a Chance, by Fiona Gibson was first published by Avon on the 17th of May 2022. ISBN: 0008386021

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