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Rose gold is the most complimentary metal there is- it adds warmth to cooler skin tones and a glow to those with warm tones. It is also has an allure of elegance and luxury- making it the perfect accessory for the festive season (and the most ideal gift!). Here we look at why rose gold is one of our favourite metals and is something to wear this festive season.

Rose gold looks more beautiful, for longer

Did you know, rose gold is one of the most durable metals? As it is a combination of different metals, namely, copper and gold, it doesn’t tarnish or scratch as easily as yellow or white gold, ensuring that your treasured piece really does look its best for many years to come. In fact, your rose gold jewellery is something that could and should be shared through the generations. Your rose gold jewellery will only get better with age.

You may notice different carat weightings against rose gold jewellery too. This is because it does contain real gold. The weighting of the piece highlights the amount of gold your jewellery contains. The higher the carat, the more ‘real’ gold it contains. Olivia & Pearl use Vermeil Gold in all of their pieces which is thicker, stronger, more durable than normal gold, but is actually a more affordable metal, ensuring you really do get the best piece, for the best price, with longevity in mind.

Rose gold is a warming metal

As highlighted above, rose gold is complimentary for all skin tones. Don’t be afraid to inject a little colour into your winter wardrobe, and your jewellery pieces are an effective way to do this. Day to day, pair rose gold jewellery with greens, camel and tan tones, deep blues and navy and browns. When it comes to evenings out and celebrations, a piece with pearls or gemstones will look striking against the LBD, sequins and added luxe to velvet.

The romantic metal

Rose gold is also regarded as the most romantic mental thanks to its pink and red hues. As such, it’s the perfect item to wear on date night, for a wedding and on Valentine’s Day- rose gold would look spectacular against the red and pink of the season too.

You may find over time the red-like quality deepens as it matures. This is a natural characteristic of copper which helps give jewellery a more vintage, unique look. 

Our favourite Olivia & Pearl rose gold pieces for winter

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite Olivia & Pearl rose gold pieces that are perfect for the winter season. Hoop earrings are a trend that’ll never go and are perfect for your every day style. Climber earrings are a chic and elegant choice, and the Starlet Earrings which are a combination of pearls and moonstones, have that touch of celebration for any event you’ll be attending this festive season.

Huggie EarringsLink Chain Charm Bracelet / Starlet Ear Climber EarringsMidi Chunky Hoop Earrings / Oh So Fine Trio Necklace /

Want to win a rose gold piece of your choice from Olivia & Pearl? You’ll want to head to our competitions page then! We’ve partnered with them in a competition too and are giving away a rose gold item of your choice. 

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