If you have been suffering through the recent cold weather, then fear not. As you will see, there are lots of ways to quickly improve things (temperature-wise), so you can once again enjoy feeling warm in your own home.

Have a new boiler installed

How to make your home feel warmer

Most people put off having a new boiler installed until the summer months. They assume that it will be a big job, one that can take days. In the past, that may have been true. Fortunately, the typical install time for a new combi boiler is now less than a day. Potentially, you can warm your home up before the engineer comes, then keep all of the doors closed so it does not get too cold. Provided everything goes smoothly, by the evening, your new boiler will usually be ready. If like most people you only have the heating on a few times a day, you may not even notice much of a difference in how warm your home is, on the day of installation.

Get rid of all of the draughts

There is nothing worse than sitting in a draught, especially if it is whipping around your feet. Even if the rest of you is nice and warm you still will not feel comfortable when your feet are cold.

If you have not already done so, check your home for draughts and do what you need to get rid of them. To do this you can either use the kind of device you can see in the video below or a combination of the techniques that you can learn about here.

Most of the time the draught will be coming from a gap, which can easily be filled. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat this process each year. During the course of the year the materials that your home is made from expand and contract many times. This causes the various elements of your home to split apart from each other. Usually by just a few centimetres. But this is a big enough gap for heat to escape through and for cold air to get in.

Fix up your floors

If it has been many years since you had new flooring, consider replacing it. A surprising amount of the heat lost from a home leaks out via the floor. At least 10%, often far more. It does not take long to lay a carpet or a laminate floor. Just be sure not to rush the job too much. You don’t want to end up leaving any gaps. When you have the old flooring up, take the time to check for draughts along the entire perimeter of the room and use an appropriate sealant to fill any gaps that you find.

As you can see making your home warmer need not take you long. Potentially, you could get all of the above done over the course of just one weekend.

This article was created in collaboration with iHeat.

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