It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes the dreaded new year’s resolutions that often include giving up all your favourite food and hitting the gym. One area that could probably do with a refresh and reset is your wardrobe.

We’re all guilty of collecting multiple pieces of clothing over the year that we either don’t wear or have decided we no longer like. It might be time to reassess what you have in your wardrobe and how you should shop going into 2020.

Whether you need to cut down on the quantity of clothes you own, or you’re hoping to get to grips with your personal style a little better, here are some resolutions you could consider as we head into a new year.

Buy in outfits

If you’re trying to organise your wardrobe and be more conscious of what clothes you own, consider buying in outfits instead of individual pieces. This means you will likely wear said outfit a lot more often than trying to pair an individual piece with something else in your wardrobe.

This can work particularly well within the men’s streetwear industry. Think tracksuits, or a black tee and check overshirt. Shopping in pieces that already go together well can help you build a wearable and stylish wardrobe effortlessly.

Smarten up

While streetwear still remains at the forefront of many brand’s focus, this is being paired with a much smarter overall look. Blending of styles is becoming more popular, such as a hoodie and blazer combo, or suit trousers with fresh trainers.


This allows you to create a versatile wardrobe that offers different styles ready for when the occasion arises. Whether it’s a smart jacket you can pull out to wear with your favourite jeans, or trousers you can wear with a printed t-shirt, it’s time to include a great mix of smart and casual into your wardrobe for 2020.

Know your style

Understanding what suits you and what doesn’t is the ultimate style resolution to follow, if you don’t know it already. This can help you in avoiding risky decisions when it comes to buying new clothes.

Narrowing down your personal style to a few key pieces can make it much easier to shop. For instance; do you suit slim fit or loose fit clothes? Do you prefer a smarter style or ultra-casual? Deciding on things like this can ensure you don’t buy clothes that you’ll never wear once you get them home.


Buy quality over quantity

It can helpful to go shopping for new clothes with a purpose, as opposed to idly browsing and adding any old thing to your basket. Setting out to buy quality clothing can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re easily distracted!

Consider the difference it can make to your wardrobe by just buying 2-3 quality items, instead of filling your basket with all sorts. This can help you to refine your style further and build a wardrobe that works together effortlessly. Invest in key quality pieces like jackets, jeans and shoes and the rest will fall into place.

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