DKNY is a quintessentially American brand, with its roots firmly situated in the city of New York. The range of DKNY fragrances reflects Donna Karan’s love of NYC, with a collection of modern perfumes that are perfect for multi-faceted women on-the-go. The fragrance collection celebrates both the calm and the chaos of this American city, recognising the individuality and aspiration that New York inspires.

It was the early 1990s when the first DKNY fragrances were launched, and they have remained a popular choice across the world ever since. With an average of 2 Be Delicious apples sold every minute, we look at why DKNY should be a part of your own collection.

Here is a guide to some of the most popular DKNY fragrances.

Be Delicious

Be Delicious was first launched in 2004, and has transcended the years to remain fresh and relevant. It has a refreshing, almost juicy scent to it which has made it into an iconic perfume over the years.

An ideal choice for day or night, Be Delicious has been created with the scent of an apple, combined with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woody scents. The individual notes that have gone into creating every bottle of Be Delicious includes grapefruit,  cucumber, apple, amber and sandalwood.

Be Delicious Night

On the other hand, if you’re hoping for the perfect evening fragrance, you may want to consider Be Delicious Night. This particular perfume appears to encapsulate the excitement of New York City in one bottle. With an intoxicating scent, Be Delicious Night was launched in 2007 after the success of its original perfume.

Created with exotic notes, it is a much richer fragrance than its previous counterpart. Pomelo, ginger and blackberry are combined with orchid and jasmine flowers, before giving way to frankincense and vetiver for a warming night time fragrance.

Be Tempted

For a fruitier and more youthful fragrance, Be Tempted was launched more recently in 2016. Be Tempted was inspired by femininity and passion, reflected in its vibrant red bottle. Continuing the Delicious collection but with a twist, Be Tempted instead represents a red apple.

It is an alluring perfume with a captivating combination of scents, bringing together exotic notes with floral tones that make it perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Notes include red berries and liquorice used alongside orange blossom, rose and vanilla.

Golden Delicious

Offering something a little different to the rest of the Delicious range, Golden Delicious is housed in a gold bottle. Delivering an elegant and luxury scent, this perfume has a warm and radiant feel to it. With that in mind, Golden Delicious can take you from day to night effortlessly.

Released in 2011, Golden Delicious has been created with a striking combination of notes. These include orange flower, apple and white rose, used alongside vanilla orchid, musk and sandalwood for a unique perfume.

Nectar Love

Every perfume collection needs an oriental-inspired fragrance, and that’s exactly what Nectar Love is. Launched in 2017, Nectar Love is your new go-to summer scent with a carefree feel. Captured in a honey-bee embellished bottle, it’s an oriental perfume with a beautiful harmony of scents in one.

Nectar Love has been created with grapefruit, nectarine, orange, jasmine, bees wax, neroli and vanilla for an authentic, summery fragrance you won’t be able to put down.

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