Pedicures are not just for summer feet and sandals, oh no. Our skin in the winter lacks hydration because of the frosty air and the dryness from heating. Dry feet can cause the skin to crack which is painful and unsightly. Pedicures aren’t just about making your feet look pretty, having a regular pedicure is essential to keeping your nails healthy.

So whether you’re looking to refresh, have a pamper or make them look dazzling for the Christmas party, we’ve some top tips on getting your feet in tip top shape. We’d recommend this treatment once a week or at least every other week to keep your feet smooth, comfortable and soft.

We’re major fans of Jessica Nails here- they’re manicure and pedicure products are incredible. If we ever go for a professional treatment in salon, I always like to ensure the salon uses Jessica as their main range. It’ll ensure they’ve had extensive training and can identify nail conditions that require extra  special treatment. As we’re such huge fans, the products we’ve recommend below are tried and tested by us. Our tips on the at home pedicure below, includes a combination of our own personal and Jessica’s professional experience.


For this treatment, you’ll need:
  • Large towel (to go under the foot spa)
  • Medium sized towel (to dry your feet)
  • Flannel (to clean your feet after the foot mask)
  • Cotton pads
  • Our following recommendations

Step one: Soak and Soften

We highly recommend investing in a foot spa for the most professional at home pedicure that you can enjoy time and time again. The HoMedics Luxury Bubble foot spa is incredible! It has acu-nodes to stimulate the acupressure points of the feet*, massage rollers for deeper penetration of the muscles to alleviate tension (which has effects all over your body), a bubble spa which, when activated, maintains the waters temperatures for longer and interchangeable pumice stones to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Fill your foot spa with approx 1.5 litres (there is a handy max line inside) of warm to hot water. Allow your feet to soak with the bubbles on for 15 minutes. Your feet will feel instantly fresh, lighter and smoother.

TIP: If you want a foot massage at any time, the footspa can be used dry.

Step two: Scrub

Take one foot out and dry off with a towel, ensure the foot is as dry as possible. Apply approx a 10p sized quantity of the Jessica Zenspa Scrub and massage into the foot and base of the ankle. Ensure you work the products in and around your toes for a deep exfoliation. For the best results possible work around the foot in circular motions.

Once the product has started to dry up, pop your foot back in the foot spa and remove the product. Pull the foot back out, dry once again, and run the foot over the pumice stone on the footspa in a circular motion. If you find you have some remaining loose skin, use a foot file on the areas that have firmer and loose skin.

Step three: Pamper

Pop your feet into a sheet mask (give TonyMoly Fresh Peppermint mask a try!) and wrap a warm towel over your feet and just relax for 10-15 minutes. The cling-film allows the products to penetrate the feet further- strange I know but it really works! After 15 minutes, remove the cling-film and wipe the feet over with a clean cloth and fresh warm water. Dry the foot again.

Step four: Cuticle care

The best time to work on your cuticles is when you’ve got out of the shower or bath or in this case the foot spa, as the skin will be at its softest and least likely to damage.

Rather than cut them (should be avoided at all costs as it actually protects the nail bed), you should push them back. Do this by applying a drop of Jessica Phenomen Oil onto the nail, rub it in and using a cuticle pusher, wrapped in a moistened cotton wool, push the cuticle back.

Step five: File

Keep toenails square and file sharp corners smooth – overfiling is an invitation for ingrown nails. Always finish with strokes from the centre of the nail outward to get a no-snag edge. Polish the actual nail and remove ridges with a Body Shop nail polishing block, it’ll also leave your nails with a natural glow.

Step six: Moisturise

The Jessica Zenspa Intense Heel Repair Creme is a miracle product! Simply rub into your feet for instant rejuvenation. If you have particularly firm skin on your feet, apply every night before bed wrapped in cling film and comfortable cotton socks, you’ll wake up to smoother skin in no time at all.

Step seven: Polish Prep

Using toe-separators or tissue weaved between your toes, apply a single coat of Jessica Prescriptive Basecoat which hydrates the nail and prevents discoloration. The basecoat is a key stage in any manicure/pedicure as it protects the nail, prevents staining (darker polishes which we’re more prone to on our feet is particularly problematic in this area), ensures a longer-lasting polish and it gives the polish an even surface to adhere to- no ridges thank you very much!

Step eight: Polish

Always go for two coats of your colour of choice: The first should be a thin layer as a base for the colour and the second is the true colour and full coverage. This helps to ensure a longer lasting pedicure. For an even application, apply a layer to the left side of the nail, the right side of the nail and finally down the middle. Complete the polish with a high-shine topcoat and a couple of drops of quick-dry to speed up drying time.

Notes: *acupressure is traditional Chinese medicine where pressure is applied to various points of the feet. This helps to treat ailments, illness, ease disease and promote health and wellbeing. The acupressure points of the feet are channels which connects to the organs, glands, hormones, nerves etc.

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