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Cleaning can have serious impacts on the environment, whether the chemical you use causes pollution when poured down the drain or you produce lots of waste. Professional cleaners, however, have the knowledge, products, and equipment to clean your property in an eco-friendly way.

ICE Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that offers a range of cleaning services from mould remediation and trauma cleaning to chemical spill clean-up. Its technicians are available nationwide, 24/7, and can be on site in an emergency in a matter of hours.

Continue reading to find out why bringing in a cleaner is better for the planet than cleaning yourself.

Environmental cleaning
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Cleaners can use green products

Lots of cleaning products contain toxic chemicals which, when washed down the drain, enter streams, rivers, and the ocean and can impact the environment.

Products that contain phosphates, for example, could lead to eutrophication and cause a nutrient imbalance in waterways. Or, if the dangerous ingredients do not break down, they can enter the food chain and may eventually be consumed by people.

This could be very harmful, like causing cancer or leading to birth defects. While some detergents are biodegradable and do become safe, this may take a long time.

Professionals will know which cleaning products are the most effective and environmentally friendly for your problem.

They will know the best ways to minimise waste

A lot of cleaning products are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. Cleaning professionals will be able to select products that don’t have to be sent to landfill or waste centres.

Cleaning companies will have access to the latest tools, like washable mop heads and cloths, that require less water and are reusable, too.

Cleaners will perform their services in a sustainable way, as well. They should have the training and expertise to avoid wasting water, will only use the optimal amount of cleaning product, and can dispose of the chemicals appropriately.

Reusable cleaning products
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Professionals can protect the environment in the event of a chemical or oil spill

Should you attempt to clean up spilled oil or chemicals, you could make the situation worse and cause pollution, such as letting it spread onto soil or washing it down the drain.

Professional cleaners will have the specialist equipment to quickly contain the spread of the substance and clean up all traces of it. They are experts in the environmental dangers of these substances and can make the affected area safe again.

ICE Cleaning’s cleaning experts only use the most eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods. They are fully trained in a number of specialist cleaning services and can provide an effective clean without harming the environment.

You can learn more about ICE Cleaning on its website.

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