It’s now getting to that time of year where we need to prepare our garden to hibernate through winter. To ensure we get luscious grass next year, help our plants and shrubs survive the cold and see our furniture make it through another year, we need to make sure we take the right steps to ensure it’s all tucked up safe and sound.  Here’s how.

Dead-head your plants including ones that are dead

To help your flowers bloom, we need to ensure that we dead-head them frequently. The process is simple to do, through may be time-consuming depending on how many plants you’ve around the house or garden.

All you need to do, is with your hands or some small hand-held shears you take off any dead bulbs, flowers, foliage and leaves. This will make room for the fresh sprouts as and when they’re ready and not send vital resources (food and water) to leaves, stems or buds that are well passed their sell-by date.

Dead-head flowers

Trim the hedges and mow the lawn for the last time

Not only will this help your garden look fresh throughout the winter and not some unkempt labyrinth, but it will help with regrowth for next spring. Be cautious when trimming your hedges as you don’t want to take it right back. Just smooth it off to help keep it tidy.

Bring in flowers that won’t survive the winter- can’t have too much water or won’t tolerate the frost

Some of the plants or even pots that we have in our garden are sensitive to the cold and wet, which, let’s face it, our winter is going to be. For these, it’s best that you bring them either into the house, garage or even sheds or summerhouses to ensure they’re given the best chance to come back to life in the spring and summer. Be careful if you’re bringing them into the house though as the central heating will likely make them thirstier so be super cautious in over heating/over watering your plants.

Feed your plants

In addition to watering, give your plants and flowers a monthly feed to give them all the nutrients and minerals they need to keep them healthy. We particularly like Miracle Gro Soluable solution; add a scoop to the water in your watering can and feed away.

Don’t forget about your ornaments- lanterns, metallics etc.

The chilly winter weather can be extremely harsh to our furniture and ornaments. Rather than wrap them up in a cover, it’s best, where space is available, to bring them all inside. This is because rainwater inevitably makes its way under the covers, either in a gale or downpour and stains/damages the furniture.  If you’re lacking in space, a small storage shed is extremely handy for this.


Clear the leaves frequently

Don’t forget to get out every now and then to clear paths, plant beds and bushes of fallen leaves and broken sticks. It’ll allow your plants, grass and trees to stay healthy and get access to the water and air it needs.

Looking for further advice? The National Trust have a further 10 tips to help you prepare your garden for winter.

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