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For breasts of all shapes and sizes, bras provide support, comfort and, with different shapes, styles and functions, can help women to feel empowered and confident and to live life fully and freely.  Following any kind of breast or chest surgery; whether to remove tissue, glands, a mastectomy to remove the breast fully, abdominal surgery, or to have breast enlargement or reduction surgery, you may need the support of a specialist post-surgery or mastectomy bra. Here, we look at the role of the post-surgery and mastectomy bra and how they can help you to regain your sense of self,  confidence and comfort following any kind of chest, breast, or upper-abdomen surgery. 

What is a post-surgery or mastectomy bra?

Mastectomy and post-surgery bras are specially designed bras that help to aid recovery and to help individuals on a journey to normality. They’re made from soft and specialist materials, usually without harsh wires, and some with hidden pockets within the cups that can accommodate prosthetics. Mastectomy and post-surgery bras are for anyone who undergoes any surgery that impacts the chest, breasts and upper abdomen. 

Your doctor can advise when to start wearing a mastectomy bra, or have a need for a post-surgery bra as the time frames and needs on when this will be beneficial post-surgery varies for each individual. 

You don’t have to compromise on comfort and style

Although the style and function of bras you may need to wear may change post-surgery, there is an abundance of choice to help you find what you want and need with ease. 

Post-surgery and mastectomy bras are first and foremost practical. The bras are designed to give your body the support and comfort it needs to recover; made from soft materials that offer gentle compression, that are breathable to prevent infection or swelling, which are gentle on your body and have no wiring that could dig in. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Belle Lingerie’s dedicated selection of mastectomy and post-surgery bras includes brands such as Anita, Royce and Triumph, and functional and feminine features such as front clasp fastenings, wide straps, lace detail, bows, floral print and baroque designs. The mastectomy bras provide comfort and will give you a confidence boost as you start to venture out. 

Post surgery bras will be comfy from day one but make sure you seek professional guidance about when it is safe to start wearing post surgery bras. 

As an aside: When looking for a new mastectomy or post-surgery bra, it’s worth bearing in mind that some bras will have two pockets and some have only one, so it’s best to check that if you need a pocket, that it is on the right side for you. 

So, following surgery, you can eventually start wearing bras that you love. With a combination of functionality and featured details in the designs of post-surgery bras means you can find elegant, classy and fashionable bra styles which often look like any other bra you had in your lingerie drawer before. 

Belle Lingerie wants to make post-op bras and mastectomy bras accessible to anyone who needs them, regardless of your budget. So make sure you check out the exceptional deals on surgery and pocketed bras.

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