There are few people in this world that actually like shopping for a swimsuit. It doesn’t help that shopping for swimwear is not the same as shopping for clothes. A bikini set that may look great on the hanger, doesn’t necessarily go well together on because the fit for the top and bottom varies greatly from person to person.

We need to strip the process back entirely to make it less stressful and more enjoyable. Try our suggestions out for a more positive swimwear shopping experience:

Take your time

Let’s not rush the process. Allow yourself plenty of time to find the perfect swimsuit for you. The last thing you want is a mad, last minute dash that’ll only end up stressful and emotional.

Our bodies change constantly so we need to factor that in. So, what suited you last year, may not be the case this year.

Shopping for swimwear

Get to know your size

Before you head out bikini shopping, we’d recommend getting the tape measure out.

You’ll want to measure your band and bust size (which can be converted into bra/cup size at Victoria Secret) for your top half, and your waist and hips for your bottoms.

With these measurements to hand when shopping around, you can get a better idea of what should fit comfortably without having to try and guess or try on swimwear unnecessarily.

Consider its purpose


Is this something to wear to the local swimming pool to do laps? Wear to the beach and avoid tan lines?

Think about when and where you’re going to be wearing your new swimwear and buy something for purpose. It may be that you actually need a few pieces.

What’s your style?

If you find something you’re comfortable in, you’re bound to feel confident in it.


Try a myriad of tops and bottoms to get a sense of what you like and what you don’t. When you first start searching for a bikini or swimming costume you’re fronted with all different styles: full suit, tankini, bikini, briefs, high waisted, shorts, padded, halter neck, bandeau… the list endlessly goes on. Once you get a feel for what you like though, the process becomes a lot simpler.

Mix and match


Don’t feel that your bikini has to match because it doesn’t. And chances are, you won’t like a set that ‘goes together’. So, if you like a top but the other half doesn’t suit you (or vice versa) or you simply don’t like it, look for a complementary colour for the other half.  You do not conform and actually it’s quite trendy to mix and match anyway.

Try it at home

There is nothing worse than a changing room for trying on swimwear (let alone any other item of clothing). The lighting is almost always appalling, mirror angles are unflattering, and then there is the sense of nakedness of being in a shop. Just no. It’s not a realistic environment and more often than not ends up in self-loathing than a pleasant experience.

As a first port of call, buy online. Not only can you try on a range of swimwear in the privacy of your own home, but retailers share their style guides with a detail of measurements giving you more confidence in the sizes you’ll be receiving. Just be sure to check the returns policy before committing, most will accept returns as long as the hygiene strip in bottoms are in tact and undamaged.

For hygiene purposes, leave your underwear on

As an aside when trying on swimwear, we’d recommend wearing a similar style brief to the style of the swimsuit you’re trying on- yes wearing it at the same time. This will give you added hygiene protection (turns out the strip doesn’t do that much) and an idea of what it actually looks like on.

Once purchased, be sure to wash your new swimsuit according to the instructions before wearing it.

Do you have any other suggestions for buying swimwear with confidence? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or get in touch with us on social.

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