Written in collaboration with Tasnim Tahira Maisha

Making your own fashion statement

When it comes to creating personalised accessories that go with your style of fashion, it’s hard to choose just one. It gets even trickier when you want to create them all by yourself!

Nowadays, fashion has really become what celebrities wear and use. While there are many innovations that are still creating revolutions in the fashion industry, it hardly affects us. That’s why making our own style signature has become more important than ever. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stand out in the crowd where everyone is a fashionista.

If you still haven’t figured out your own personal style, then don’t worry. Here are some great personalised fashion accessories for you to explore:

Personalised jewellery for the win!

We know it’s easy to get buried in finding a bracelet or necklace that speaks your style. But have you ever thought about creating something of your own? Take a monogrammed necklace for example. A delicate necklace with a pendant in the shape of your favourite things. It can be anything as long as it conveys your personality and style.

Personalised jewellery

You can do the same thing with a customised bracelet as well, because style is not something we blindly follow, but what we feel and create!

A customised phone case that represents you

How about a phone cover or case customised with your name, initials, or a design that reflects your personality. It protects your phone while showcasing your individual style. You can go totally wild with the design or make something sophisticated out of it.

Customised phone cases

For those who think twice about making such a bold move, this is not a tough task; people might not notice what kind of shoes you’re wearing but they will definitely notice your phone.

So, make your everyday phone an extraordinary fashion item that will surely leave your mark among others.

Make them dizzy with an embroidered cap

Caps have recently made a sudden reappearance in the fashion community. And what better way of getting into that style than with your own personalised cap? A classic baseball cap with custom embroidery, featuring your name, a favourite quote, or a logo. Or any sort of casual cap that you feel like wearing.

Embroidered caps

You can easily make people’s heads turn with a simple cap that encapsulates what your character is like.

Bring out the modified purses & wallets

As the world is moving toward a cashless society, it’s rare to see a wallet or purse on anyone. Now, if you were to not only carry one but also own it to the fullest that surely is going to turn a few heads.

Modified purses and wallets

You can create your personalised purse or wallet easily with a custom-made order. Many brands now provide this option to highlight the customer’s personality. If you can engrave your initials or favourite quote on your AirPods case, then surely a personalised wallet will be more stylish too.

Be confident with your handmade tote bags

Tote bags are always great things to have in your collection, whether it’s a fashion piece or not. However, if you want to go the extra mile, then it can become a style statement. You can design, print, or even make your own tote bags from scratch.

Handmade tote bags

Printing a design can be hard when you don’t have a great printer. That’s why choosing the right sublimation printer for your DIY fashion is crucial in any DIY project. Once you have found the right one, it’s only a matter of time before you can make your own accessories!

Tote bags add a personal touch to your everyday carryall. So, what’s stopping you from making that bold splash with your own unique style?

Personalised cufflinks that feel like you

While this item may not be noticeable right out of the gate, it sure does amplify what you wear. With your casual or formal suits, you can easily incorporate customised and made-for-you cufflinks to set the standard. Because, let’s face it, how many people do you know who actually think of doing such a unique thing?

Personalised cufflinks

Be the frontrunner when it comes to making your fashion statement to everyone in the room. However, make sure to check tailoring and alterations tips for perfecting the fit!

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