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Posted on Jan 9 2019 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

The most depressing day of the year is fast approaching (we’re glad to get it out of the way though so we’ve the rest of the year to look forward to!). But if you’re finding the dreary winter weather is already dragging on, you’re lacking a serious dose of vitamin D or experiencing SAD; maybe a bit of sun is just what the DR ordered. And as we’re in the throes of the January sale too, there is a chance you could snap up a great last-minute deal, something that is, in the travel industry, practically unheard of these days.

So, if you’re in need of some sunshine, here is where you want to be heading:

Canary Islands

Canary islands

If you’re in need of some sunshine but don’t necessarily need it to be summer like, the Canary Islands is an obvious winner- when I say not summer like, it’s still like average temperatures of 19-20 Celsius; that’ll do nicely, thank you very much. Additionally, with bi-weekly flights this time of year (and at exceptional prices), it doesn’t break the bank.  Perfect for an on the fly vacation when it gets to that point of ‘I am in desperate need of some sunshine!’.



Arguably, this is the best time to venture to the theme park capital of America. For temperature, you can expect a range we’d envy in the summer and rainfall is at its lowest- when it can rain for hours (and we’re talking drenching downpours) in the summer, this sounds extremely inviting. Queues for attractions and rides are likely to be quieter and with school days mirroring ours slightly, the beaches are likely to be quieter too.



The United Arab Emirates are renowned for luxury and dry, hot weather. If you’ve been wanting to go, now is the time. The weather is still terrific, but the heat is much more bearable. If you’re looking to travel between late October to end Jan; busiest time is February to April, you may find it isn’t as crowded or as expensive.



With average temperatures of 20 Celsius, minimal rainfall and frequent and cheap flights to various destinations in the country, Morocco ticks all the boxes when it comes to some winter sun. We’re confident you’ll find some fantastic last-minute resort deals- so if resting with a cocktail in a cabana sounds ideal to you, you know where to go.



The Caribbean is always a great choice for some guaranteed sunshine, low rainfall and equally low humidity. It’s the best time to go. But this also means it can be the most expensive. However, if you plan in advance (some of us are just not born for cold, miserable winters), then you can probably bag yourself a pretty incredible deal. Book your Caribbean break 12-18 months in advance for the best prices and if you have the flexibility, work around the school holidays.

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