Thriller Live at the Bristol Hippodrome – review

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 11:23pm by Claire Herbaux

It is all about the moves!

Hats off the the dancers who brought Michael Jackson’s songs to life, but who also moved in ways I couldn’t begin to described.

The moonwalk was a must, but the amount of times someone moved from left to right or up and down and I couldn’t even understand how it had happened… or the footwork was faster than my eyes could follow… hats off.

Thriller Live is a selection of Michael Jackson songs, including some of his greatest hits and coming from the West End, it brings some of its production values with it – from the choreographies to the live musicians and the pyrotechnic

No one aims to replace the King of Pop in this show. Four singers, each with their very own style, as well as a pretty good MJ body double, recreate his songs on stage and bring the show to life. The main vocalists, Britt Quentin, Shaquille Maurice Hemmans, Rory Taylor and Ina Seidon, each performed some of the songs and brought out a different facet of Michael Jackson.

It is not a musical with a story to follow, through there are some interjections by two of the vocalists to tie the songs together and get the audience going (they had their work cut out on a Monday crowd and did great!).

Michael Jackson has done so many songs over the years, it is hard to choose the best to include in the show, but especially in the second half, it is hit after hit.

The opening scene is a best of some of his best songs, followed by songs such as ABC where you can tap along in your seat, but then the first act dips a little. The singers had fantastic voices (I may be a little in love with Ina Seidon after this) and the dancers blew me away, but I wanted to sing along a little more – this had a concert feel to it after all!

But it was all in the second act. Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Dirty Diana, Man in the mirror, Billie Jean, Thriller (obviously), Bad, Black or What… they were all there. Though between all the hype, the dancing (I cannot get over some of those moves) and the pop and rock, it is Earth Song which got an audible ‘awwwww’ from the audience as soon as the first notes played.

Thriller Live runs at the Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday July 14 and tickets are available from £19.65 .

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