Review: The Play That Goes Wrong at the Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Jul 17 2018 - 2:02pm by Claire Herbaux

If you want a night of stellar entertainment, this is it!

It is indeed, the play that goes wrong. before the curtain even goes up, a dog goes missing, and well, there is a box office mix up and rather than seeing the Dreamboys we saw Murder at Haversham Manor, but that was only the beginning.

There were a few… hiccups, shall we say. bug, very noticeable issues with actors, set design, and, well, everything else. The play went truly wrong.

Now I am not one for physical comedy, I go to very few pantomimes and find most of this predictable and over the top, but I was in stitches!

It is hard not to burst out laughing when things go from wrong to stage-falling-apart-wrong. And yet, the actors kept going. The actress is unconscious on the floor? Never mind, they soldier on (and don’t acknowledge the issue, just keep on with their lines)!

Bobby Hirston, playing Max Bennet, playing Cecil Haversham, the brother of the deceased, was certainly the audience’s favourite, but I simply loved Kazeem Tosin Amore, playing Robert Grove, playing Thomas Colleymoore, who seems born to play this kind of theatre. And let’s not forget Trevor Watson, the very distracted lighting and sound operator who was simply too distracted to do his job but did jump in at the last minute when yet another actress was accitentally hit and unconscious.

In the past year in which I have rarely missed a show at the Hippodrome, I have rarely heard this much applause. So if you want to have a good evening, grab yourself a ticket – you are in for a treat.

The Play That Goes Wrong will be at the Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday, July 21 and tickets are available from £15.

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