Review: The Addams Family, Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 3:06pm by Samantha Clark

Beetlejuice meets Disney in this hilarious theatrical adaptation of The Addams Family.

The beloved kooky family is back, unusual as ever, if just slightly older. But another family crises is afoot, an identity once more compromised. Although the story and the family are familiar, it’s great to welcome them back for a new tale. And the stage version is arguably more spellbinding.

It’s evident that this show could become the stuff of legends and as a long standing as the much loved Rocky Horror Picture Show; just much more family friendly. The audience seemed as excited by this new show; wanting to join in with the iconic clicks and entranced by the hauntingly beautiful and original composition played by a live orchestra. Witty jokes, gothic décor and dated but bright costumes complete the set, giving the whole show a surprisingly homey touch.

An incredible ensemble that even the much loved and missed Les Dennis (due to play Fester but unable to) could not diminish its captivating hold. His understudy Scott Paige was a welcomed alternative who portrays Fester in a more jovial, comical way but actually was more lovable for it- who’d have thought that possible?! A particular audience favourite (and for me) was Carrie Hope Fletcher as Wednesday, who this particular story centres around; her renditions of Pulled will undoubtedly give you goose bumps. Cameron Blakely as Gomez Addams and Samantha Womack as Morticia were as passionate as you’d expect, but both bring their own unique touches to this otherwise conjoined couple; Cameron in particular kept the audience laughing.

It’s a fantastical night perfect for an autumn evening, particularly on the build up to the most frightful night of the year, Halloween.

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