Review: Grease at the Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Jun 6 2017 - 9:22pm by Claire Herbaux

Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion, Grease is the way we are feeling.

Oh yes indeed!

It is one of the most iconic musicals and it is back at the Bristol Hippodrome for six nights.

The beauty of it is you are pulled in right from the start: Grease is the Word and Summer Nights get you in the mood and into the spirit of things.

“Things” in this case are leather jackets, slicked hair, a bit of cheese and overly American accents.

Simply said, if you like Grease, you will have a fantastic night!

Tom Parker and Danielle Hope are brilliant as Danny and Sandy. Although Danny is not always as convincing as John Travolta (is anyone?), you can put it all down to the cheese factor.

Danielle Hope’s moment to shine and really show her incredible voice was during Hopelessly Devoted To You. Although Louisa Lytton (yes, she was in EastEnders) seemed the star of the show at times, Hope proved her right to the lead in this song.

All three were fantastic, but the best parts were still the ensembles. What is better, more exemplary of traditional musicals than crazy, quirky, happy and cheery ensembles?

Although no doubt American high schools are not this cheerful, it brings back the school spirit we expect from Rydell High.

The best ones were of course Grease is the Word, Summer Nights, Greased Lightnin’, We Go Together and You’re The One That I Want. They were choreographed to perfection and the real reason to come and see the show.

A few more mentions

Jimmy Osmond as the Teen Angel got the most cheers. Though his role of course is small, he plays it up to get the audience roaring.

Roars also came for Callum Evans who, in his role of geeky Eugene, pulled off some of the best moves.

A note to parents: In my opinion, it’s not a show for children. I doubt how much they understand of it and although there are some funny scenes, there are also quite a lot of pelvic thrusts and other explicit dance moves. Unlike some shows where they are just oblivious to some of the spoken adult content this is visual and explicit, and not limited to one scene. It’s part of the fun for us adults, definitely, but I saw a lot of children in the audience who were confused or uncomfortable.

On that note: Shout out to the lady working at the Hippodrome standing near the right exit. She was dancing in place as I was bouncing in my seat in the final You’re The One That I Want and throughout the encore. While the dance moves aren’t as well-known as for the Rocky Horror Show and no one got up to dance, I would have loved for everyone to sing and dance along – I was ready to go onto the dance floor!

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