Review: Die Fledermaus at The Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Nov 18 2017 - 1:23pm by Samantha Clark

This was my first operatic experience and what an great introduction.

It is how I thought an opera was and should be: elaborate set designs, embellished and fanciful costumes, dynamic relationships, a live orchestra and of course the singing itself.

The singing is the element that gives most apprehension on seeing an opera in the first instance, but the Welsh National Opera’s rendition Die Fledermaus is a spectacle to see. Sung in English, subtitles for those that need to follow along (though I found to be distracting at times), a humorous storyline, entrancing characters and an outstanding cast. There is a welcome surprise by Steve Speirs, a treat appreciated by all audience members.

As my first experience of an opera, it was wholly an enjoyable experience that has me curious to see more. I’m certain that you’d enjoy it too but if unsure, this is the show and cast to try. Whether you like or are able to follow is irrelevant, body language is underrated generally, but in this show it’s crystal clear just what they’re saying, there’s no mistaking. An the plot, characters (in particular Rhian Lois as Adele and Judith Howarth as Rosalinde), is what you want to see; simply outstanding.

Photography By Bill Cooper.

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