Review: Bugsy Malone at The Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Aug 5 2017 - 5:05pm by Samantha Clark

Bugsy Malone is a local production for local people starring local children. Having seen it this afternoon in Bristol at the Hippodrome it makes me proud of the talent in the area and confident that the next generation of performers will continue to bring fantastic performances for years to come.

The show is amazing fun and captures all of the joy of the movie, it’s like being in the middle of a food fight without getting dirty. The show feels extremely interactive with members of the audience turning up in flapper dresses and singing along to the medley of songs at the beginning reminding you how much everyone loves that guy, Bugsy Malone.

Oliver Painter holds the whole thing together acting as both the narrator and star of the show while Fizzy (Kori Campbell) will blow you away with a completely unexpected, powerful and spectacular performance of “Tomorrow”.

This is a technically complex performance which was held together professionally by every single child who looked like their combined stage experience was well beyond their years. The energy and enthusiasm you all remember from the film version of Bugsy is epitomised and amplified live on stage by the amazingly talented individuals.

Blousey (Nelly Batt), Tallulah (Evie Long) and Fat Sam (Ewan Smith) all had prominent roles which no doubt required lots of practice, dedication and bags of talent and based on their professional performance it’s clear why they were awarded lead parts.

There is no doubt this performance builds to an amazing crescendo and wonderful ending which you can tell the stars enjoy just as much as the audience ending with rousing performances of your favourite songs which every single person engaged with and clapped along to.

If you like the film, if you like going to the theatre, if you like seeing talented individuals do what they do best or if you’d like to see the stars of tomorrow performing today then get to the hippodrome this evening. Ask for Fat Sam, he’ll make sure you have a great time at his Speakeasy.

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