Review: BLOC Prodcuctions’ My Fair Lady at Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Sep 27 2017 - 6:36pm by Claire Herbaux

If you have one evening off this week, it should be spent going to see My Fair Lady.

The costumes, the singing, the music – it is sublime.

The BLOC Production is an amateur production but you could not tell. Some of the performances were better than professional shows which were at the Hippodrome this year.

Here is what the story is about:

Flower girl Eliza Doolittle is made the “experiment” of Henry Higgins, a linguistics professor. In six months, he promises to make her into a well-spoken young lady who can be mistaken for a Duchess in the London society.

But changing the young lady’s manners and speech is only half of it. Mr Higgins does not realise how much of an effect she would have on him and Colonel Pickering, who follows the experiment closely. That is, of course, until Eliza leaves after her six months.

Suddenly the opinionated and entitled Mr Higgins has to figure out how to win her back.

The show is a mix of large musical numbers and solos. The musical numbers are certainly some of the most fun moments of the show, with over 20 people on stage singing and dancing. They are perfectly choreographed by Courtney Jackson and Get Me To Church On Time certainly seemed to be an audience favourite.

Charlotte Hunter was however the star of the show. Her vocal range is fantastic and her interpretation of Eliza Doolittle one of the best I have seen.

My Fair Lady is on at the Hippodrome until Saturday.

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