Review: Aladdin at The Bristol Hippodrome

Posted on Dec 14 2017 - 8:59am by Samantha Clark

The pantomime is a good dose of medicine when dealing with deadlines and the Christmas rush. Nothing quite lifts your spirit like it and fully immerses you into the spirit of the season. It’s a wonderful tradition for all families too- groups of all ages gather at the theatre with smiles and hugs, excited for the adventures of the evening. It’s truly heart warming.

My own little group took the theatre spanning 3 generations. To give you a true indication of just what you can expect from this years pantomime we thought we’d all share our thoughts:

Sophie, aged 5- her first panto
‘It was a little bit good. I didn’t like the bad guy or the 3D bit because it was very real. But I liked the bady when he was pretending to be an old man so he could take the lamp. It was funny, he had a funny voice.

I liked the wedding and when Aladdin said we were all invited and all the glitter and the children on the stage’

Sam age 32
‘This production has really upped its game when it comes to theatrics. They’re going for the shock factor.

I felt there were more dramatics in this one with a sudden and intense start, the use of animatronics- which was done brilliantly and certainly added the WOW factor, fire, fireworks, the 3D element was more detailed than ever before. I would say it is more on the scarier spectrum than previous shows but not to the extent the young children were reduced to tears more just surprising. Sophie was always expecting something to happen with all the frequent jumps.

There was also a swearing slip up which obviously was unintentional but unlike the adult focused jokes were picked up by the children. Think we managed to smooth it over with our young attendee though.

The great Andy Ford also made some appearance in the show and it was a most welcome treat when we were not expecting him at all.

The cast were brilliant. Joe Pasquale had the entire crowd and cast in hysterics throughout, Marti Pellow despite being this years pantomime bad guy still melts hearts and Hayley Tamaddon as Princess Jasmine and Alexis Gerred as Aladdin gave us that authentic chemistry- their duets were particularly entrancing.’

Ann, 61
It was great!

I’m a big fan of pantomime, love the jokes, laughing throughout. Joe Pasquale is great, he really embraces the comedic aspect.

It was a brilliant atmosphere.

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