How brunch took over the world

Posted on Apr 12 2017 - 1:00pm by Samantha Clark
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A lazy weekend isn’t really complete without a visit to our favourite brunch spot to fill up on Instagram-worthy eggs benedict, quaff a glass of prosecco, and gossip about everything and everyone under the sun.

Brunch is fast becoming a mainstay of urban living – the perfect respite from the frantic nature of modern life – it’s the one meal a week where there’s no limit on the amount of food you can enjoy or the time you spend eating it . It’s not surprising then, that according to Google search data at least, brunch is ready to take over the world.

Brunch is booming in the UK

The popularity of brunch in Britain has grown to unprecedented levels, with a massive 123% increase in the number of people searching for ‘brunch’ over the past year.

The capital typically leads the way in terms of fashion and culture, and it’s no exception with food, as London boasts the biggest number of brunch fans in the UK. That said, many large cities are following suit, with the likes of Brighton, Liverpool, Bristol, and Manchester among the top ten cities for searches of this trendy mid-afternoon treat.

How worldwide cuisine has been impacted

If you were looking for some authentic, salt beef stuffed New York style bagels – would you think about heading to Singapore? If that seems like a strange idea – then you’re missing out. The popularity of brunch has seen traditional Western brunch dishes make a marked impact on eating habits around the world, including places you may not have expected.

Travel isn’t just the movement of people, but the spreading of ideas, cultures and most importantly (arguably) the spreading of cuisines. Due to the booming tourism of the area, East Asia has taken to the traditionally western concept of brunch in a huge way, with eateries serving traditional fare like eggs benedict, fluffy pancakes, and toasted bagels cropping up at an exponential rate.

Worldwide interest in brunch has increased massively over the last few years, with online searches increasing by a monumental 270% over just the last six months.

Relative newcomers to the brunch scene have seen the biggest rise in popularity, with Denmark, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, and Germany emerging as the countries with the biggest increases in online search interest according to Google.

Worldwide cities who love brunch

Brunch is a decidedly cosmopolitan phenomenon, with major cities the first to embrace this urbane meal and everything that comes with it.

Some of the coolest destinations adorning the pages of the trendiest travel magazines top the charts for the locations most interested in brunch, with Copenhagen, Washington, New York, Boston, Dubai, Zurich, Stockholm, and Vancouver among the top search hotspots.

Dubai in particular has created a thriving brunch culture, with all the major luxury hotels offering a Friday brunch service – offering patrons a wealth of incredible breakfast cuisine in a handy buffet format.

Americans remain the biggest brunch seekers

Birthplace of the concept as we know it, the United States unsurprisingly has the most online interest in brunch, with around 165,000 searches for this mid morning delight every month.

The United States’ friendly neighbours, Canada, have also taken to the concept in a big way over the last year, with the number of people seeking a decent eggs benedict or stack of fluffy pancakes increasing by 234% over the past year.

The future of brunch: world domination?

We’re seen the biggest rises in brunch interest ever over the last few years, and all the statistics suggest that its immense popularity will continue to grow.

Will we see the day that brunch overtakes traditional breakfast or lunch? Possibly not, but it’s likely we’ll see more hip spots opening across the world as restaurateurs attempt to capitalise on the surging masses looking for the perfect Instagram-able brunch.

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