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Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 4:44pm by Samantha Clark

School holidays: Day 3. So far so good but there is 5.4 days left to entertain, educate and attempt to get some down time, for us all.

For many of us it isn’t a case of last minute planning when it comes to the summer holidays. Sadly we don’t all have the possibility of a long summer off and that can mean either organising childcare or strategically planning holiday so everything is covered. And of course, somewhere in there we want to create lasting memories and cherish the precious time we have with our little ones with hopefully a little bit of sunshine mixed in too.

London is often not a city many want to take their little ones; with the fast paced attitudes, busy traffic, lack of familiarity when it comes to the underground system; it can be a daunting prospect for most of us, but even more so if we’re taking little people with us for the ride.

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Family LondonWe recently got a copy of Family London by Jimi Famurewa and is a book that will completely change your perspective. It truly highlights the little hubs that London is actually made up of, many of which is centred on families and children. This book is excellent at highlighting and presenting an overview of the many attractions, parks, cafes and adventures we can take our children to and ensure not only will they have a great time but we’ll have peace of mind too.

We’re pleasantly surprised with how thorough it is too; in it is a mix of free and chargeable attractions, educational, fun, challenging and explorative. It even has a map at the back so is an excellent resource to have on hand in case you find yourself in an area you can go discovering. And it isn’t something that caters to just the small children. This is a book for all ages with a number of attractions outlined in each segment and even a dedicated teen’s section for those looking for something a little more age specific.

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We particularly liked the parks, playgrounds and secret gardens segment; so much to take advantage of than the tradition swings, slide and roundabouts. Of course, the museums are also an aspect not to be missed; many of the museums in London are free and this little guide highlights the main attractions that our children will just love. And then there are ‘the wild things’; amongst the grey pavements and mirrored skyscrapers there are hidden zoos, farms and estates to visit where you can truly get back to nature; you’ll easily forget that you’re in one of the busiest cities in the world.

And then of course, there is the essential ‘wet guide’ to London. In a country where sun is not guaranteed we always need something on hand in case of rainy days. This is where London truly shines as a perfect day out for the family. It has its fair share of soft play, museums and pools but it also has an abundance of educational, creative and discovery zones to challenge excite and entertain.

So whether you live in the city, or just like to pay it a visit, this essential guide will see you through the years, create those precious memories and take the pressure of when it comes to thinking outside of the box for school holidays.

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