Center Parcs: Not just a family friendly vacation

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 2:00pm by Samantha Clark
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Many regard CenterParcs as just a family holiday destination. A chance for families to reconnect, to get back to nature, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take advantage of the outstanding leisure activities. But it’s also an ideal break for couples, groups and friends for all the same reasons.

Executive Lodge living room

Home from home luxury lodges

For me, a break at Centre Parcs is all about perfect balance. I get to enjoy the home from home luxury of the lodges whilst being surrounding by unending forestry which is calming and soothing in itself; I can take advantage of the time to create carefully prepared and delicious home cooked meals, take out if I just want to sloth in my pajamas or venture to the well regarded restaurants on site if I am feeling particularly decadent. It’s about taking advantage of the time I get to do things I simply don’t have time for anymore like behaving like a big kid in the subtropical swimming paradise, playing a round of crazy golf or taking long and leisurely strolls through the forest or hopping on a bike if I am feeling particularly adventurous. It’s also a perfect opportunity to try activities I’ve yet to explore like archery, quad biking or aerial climbing. I can choose to do all of these things or none of them. It’s the beauty of this destination.

As a couple, Center Parcs gives you the opportunity to reconnect and spend quality time together. The activities will undoubtedly unlock unknown secrets about your partner whether as individuals or your abilities as a couple. It’s the perfect escapism likely moments from your own doorstep but has the ability to feel like anywhere in the world. We can also relate to the appeal of families having had the chance to go with our own. It is simply that quality time together that somehow seems to escape us in the every day; to catch up and share in memories that will surely be treasured. And as for friends; it is purely the chance to just have some fun. Enjoy a laugh and a joke, whilst balancing it with unwinding.

Outdoor pool Centre Parcs

Feel like a big kid heading down the rapids

Often we’ll take a trip to Center Parcs to do not much more than have long lie-ins, hearty cooked meals, deep gulps of the fresh air and exploring the forestry park; these chances are blissful in themselves as I don’t feel/can’t tackle the garden or squeeze in an extra hour of work. I can just be.

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