Bath and West Show, the West Country at it’s best!

Posted on May 29 2015 - 7:44pm by Samantha Clark
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I may be a little biased in writing this but I love the West Country; The local farming and food, the dog and horse shows, the village fetes and annual shows, the vast meadows and sweet and distinct smell of floral- there is something so quintessentially English about it and so proud to call it my home. The Bath and West show is a collaboration of this very essence. If this sounds appealing to you or you’re so proud to live amongst this beautiful side of the country then the show is an absolute must for you and your entire family (dogs included)- ensure that you savour this delight with those that you cherish, those I know that went to the festival when they were younger, have lasting memories of their time at the Bath and West and always think of it fondly.

Many see the Bath and West show as an agricultural event focused solely on those in the farming industry but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Rather, the Bath and West show is a celebration of the agricultural and rural industries, an education of the unsung practices of agriculture and an opportunity to pick up the best in local produce and products- after all every living thing is totally dependant on this industry which we so take for granted. Even then it’s so much more- with a number of other attractions, displays and shows, there is plenty to entertain. There are awards ceremonies and shows (including the famous shearing competition), children’s activities, a funfair, shopping outlets with a number of discounts to purchase on the day (you could decorate your entire home), sports, shows and displays, tastings and more. Often though, we’d be content just to sit on the grass in the sunshine enjoying a taste of the local food and drink (the food hall was a personal highlight, I do adore local produce!).

I strongly urge you to drink in as much of the event as you can- literally too as long as you have a designated driver, there is nothing like local cider.

There is still one day left of the event so don’t wait until next year to get a taste of the West Country’s Bath and West show– head down tomorrow to see what you’ve been missing.

Enjoy some of our pictures below (very picture heavy- we think it’s best to view in slideshow so click on a pic to move to this view).

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