A day at the Royal Bath and West Show

Posted on Jun 8 2016 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

We once again had the absolute privilege of attending the Royal Bath and West Show once more. What I love most about the Bath and West show is how eclectic it is. Primarily it is an agricultural event yes. There are horse, cattle, sheep, pig exhibitions and competitions.

But there’s, incredibly, so much more to it; There’s entertainment in the form of Morris Dancers, Orchestras, Bands, Singers and other performers spread out in numerous places across the events 4 days; There are educational demonstrations and seminars in the form of cookery shows, milking demonstrations, conservation displays (including bees and honey- a hot topic of the moment) an imagineering fair- a zone of fun engineering and technology based activities just for kids (and big ones) which highlights the use engineering and technology plays in manufacturing, energy and farming- it’s educational and fun. There is also a vast food and drink area (extend this year) where I could have spent most of my day consuming the most delicious, fresh and local produce you could possibly find in the West Country. There is also art exhibitions, fun fairs both for little ones and big kids, a sports village where you can ride the zip line and find out about local teams and clubs. You can ride the miniature railway and pay a visit the horticulture garden where you’ll find the most intrinsic and gorgeous floral displays are created that you could ever hope to feast your eyes on- Chelsea Flower Show, eat your heart out! And of course, there is the shopping aspect where you can pick anything from food items, clothing and plants  to garden furniture, hot tubs and even cars.

The combination of all of these things is what makes the Bath and West Show so great. You’ve a unique atmosphere in each of the own ‘worlds’ around the event that gives you a complete appreciation for the agricultural industry and the branches of organisations that stems from it.

Of course I don’t doubt there will be some aspects of the event I’m sure you’ll not be keen on and which may in fact be putting you off going altogether. However, it isn’t an event solely focused on the those that reside within this particular industry. You’ll find an array of things that pique your interest be it shopping, agriculture, horses, cars, food or entertainment, the Bath and West does cater for you and you’ll undoubtedly have the best day for it. I would recommend, if going for the first time especially, that you make the attempt to explore the event fully (allow plenty of time) and look up the events schedule so you can fully embrace what the show has to offer. I’m sure once you’ve been you’ll go time and time again.

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