When it comes down to it we’ve all gone through a difficult time, and as we get older sometimes we can just feel completely at a loss when going through them.

For many of us a separation or breakdown of a marriage can have a significant impact, especially as we get older. This can often have a lasting impact long after the divorce lawyers have packed away their papers and you’ve gone back to a life of being on your own.

But all is not lost, and this feeling will only be temporary, what you need to do is take control of your life again and remember who you are. We’ve made a list of a few things you can do to get back to being you.


First thing’s first, do you have a hobby? If you don’t then it’s time to go out and get one. Something we do when we are with someone is lean on them too much, meaning we fall into a routine of seeing them every night and doing things with them in our spare time. But, when you’re by yourself you probably won’t have this, which is why it’s important to get a hobby. It doesn’t matter what it is either, as it’ll allow you to get out and meet new people. From flower arranging and clay pigeon shooting to arts and crafts and rock climbing, there’s plenty you can do.


Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn, well now is your chance. There are plenty of colleges, universities and online course, that’ll give you the chance to learn something. From learning a new language to learning a new skill like carpentry or something completely random, it’s never too late to add a new skill to your bow.


Student Travel

A lot of people often say they haven’t travelled enough, and if you’re one of those people, why not go and see the world. You could start with booking a few city breaks to places you’d love to see, or even a cruise – you may even want to go interrailing around Europe, the world is your oyster. It’ll give you a new lease of life and you’ll probably meet a few people like yourself too.

Dating Apps

This is often considered a young person’s game, and if you’ve just got out of a long relationship or marriage, you may not want to date. But after you’ve come to re-connect with yourself, why not? A lot of people in the older generations are using dating apps now, and it doesn’t mean you have to go on a date. Just see what’s out there and learn how to re-connect with someone – if you haven’t already met someone that is.

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