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Whether you’ve got your first ever prescription, you’re dealing with a prescription change or your existing frames have had more than they can bear, selecting a frame to suit is tricky business.

Despite a greater selection both in store and online, finding that perfect frame is more difficult than ever with the factor of suitability, trends and even colour and style. There is a lot to consider.

Thankfully Glasses Direct is on hand to make the decision process easier than ever before with a guide on face shapes and a virtual try-on. What’s more, you can also try before you buy!

Let’s start with face shapes.

Finding out your face shape is actually half the battle. Once you can determine your definitive face shape, you can narrow the selection process down to frames that will specifically suit you.

How to measure your face shape:

Face shape measurement

Cheek to Cheek– from the outer corner of the eye to the other outer corner of the eye (resting the tape measure across the bridge of your nose)
Your forehead- from hairline to hairline at the widest part
Your jawline– about an inch below your ears and again from the widest point
Your face length– from the middle of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

Your face shape:

Square– If all of your measurements are within an inch or two of each other, you’ve got a square shaped face. Your jaw in particular is quite distinct and sharp at the widest part.

Recommend: Round and oval style frames with sides set at the top of the frame

Avoid: Thin, angular and square styles. Also low-set temples or colour accents on the bottom of the frames as this will draw emphasis to the chin.

Oblong– If the face length is the largest measurement; you’ve got a oblong face shape. You’ll also have similar measurements in cheek to cheek, forehead and jawline too and sometimes a longer nose.

Recommend: Aviator shapes and some square styles, frames with a low bridge

Avoid: Narrow, rectangular shapes. Short frames accentuate face length

Oval– If the cheek to cheek, forehead and jawline measurements are almost equal, you have an oval face. Arguably the most versatile face shape there is.

Recommend: All styles will suit- lucky you! But try and aim for frames slightly on the wider side.

Avoid: Narrow frames that draw attention to a narrow eye line.

Heart– If you have wider forehead and broader cheek to cheek measurements, your face is generally a little longer than it is wider, and the chin is pointed, you have a heart shaped face.

Recommend: Bottom heavy frames that add width to the lower face. Rimless are also very suited.

Avoid: Styles wide at the top. You want styles to balance the face shape.

Round– You have a round face if your face is as wide as it is long. The distinction between this face shape and square is usually you’ll have a smaller forehead and a smaller, curved jawline.

Recommend: Rectangular frame shapes. Also be bold with colour or decoration at the temples.

Avoid: Small, round or oversized frames which will make the face look rounder.

Diamond– If you’re narrower in the forehead and chin with wider cheekbones you have a diamond face shape.

Recommend: Top heavy frames such as semi-rimless or detailing on the brow line. Cat eye styles will also emphasise your cheekbones.

Avoid: narrow frames that draw attention to the narrow eye line.

Triangle– Characteristically you have a triangular face shape if you’ve quite a prominent chin and are widest in the jawline and have a relatively narrower forehead.

Recommend: Glasses frames that are wider at the bottom, frames all in one colour and a light material.

Avoid: Frames wide at the top or bold styles on the upper or lower rim

Try before you buy

Once you commit to your glasses, it’s pretty costly to change your mind; it could entail not just changing the frames but the lenses too.  It can be quite intimidating to take a gamble on a frame you’ve not had the experience of trying on but thankfully with Glasses Direct, they offer peace of mind so there are many ways in which you can ensure you’re completely satisfied with your chosen frames before processing your prescription.

Glasses Direct offer a virtual experience on a wide range of frame options so you can see what the frames you’re interested in, will look like on you. Head to the Virtual Try-On page and search for the frames that offer this functionality; you can even narrow the search down further by searching for frames that will suit your face shape, making the selection process that much easier. If you’re still not feeling confident, you can order up to 4 frames to be delivered to your home or workplace so that you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. If choosing a particularly bold style this can be a particularly appealing option as you can try the frames on with a whole range of outfits for total peace of mind.

Finding glasses to suit you need be a chore no more.

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