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Whether you’re looking to reconnect with yourself- to understand your pleasure points, or to learn to love your body more, or you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship, to make sex and intimacy more exciting, we look at the sex toys you can introduce and how. 

A bullet vibrator

Every woman should own a bullet vibrator and at a minimum should be an essential toy in your sexual armory. As the name suggests, these tiny but mighty vibrators make ideal sexual companions for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they’re compact, it’s something you can effortlessly pop in your luggage when you’re going away; when on holiday, away from the stressors of everyday life, our innabitions are freed and our sexual appetite increases, your bullet will be there to help you achieve satisfaction. Secondly, a bullet vibrator helps you to explore your sensual, pleasure and orgasmic points. It’s not limited to clitorial or vaginal pleasure either; take your bullet vibrator and explore your erogenous zones; armpits, lower abdomen, mouth, neck, breast and  nipples, lower back, collar bone and buttocks. This is another level of self care that can help to alleviate stress and promote greater wellbeing. Thirdly, these are great toys to introduce in a relationship; you can tease the toy around each other’s bodies either as a supplement to foreplay or as a contributor to the main event. The addition of toys can make sex more playful, exciting and help to reignite your passions for sex and each other. 

A cock ring

Simple, cheap and extremely effective, a cock ring is a great toy for couples to introduce, whether you’ve never used toys before, or together, you want to encourage a strong erection and prolong orgasm in him, and even provide clitorial stimulation, a cock ring is a great way to supercharge your love making. 

There are many different cock rings you can buy; there are simple bands that go around his shaft, are tight fitting and designed to restrict blood flow which causes a harder and more prolonged erection, allowing you both to enjoy the pleasures of love-making and exploration for longer. 

There are vibrating cock rings that provide a little vibration, which when initially used may speed up your own orgasm, and even deliver multiple, but these devices add another level of excitement to your sexual experiences. 

Another design to consider is one that can provide clitoral stimulation; if you struggle to orgasm, prefer foreplay to penetration, or simply want to create additional pleasure for yourself, this is something you should definitely try.

 Magic wand vibrator

If you’re just starting to introduce toys, it’s best to build up to dildos and anal beads, have open conversations about using toys and start small. In addition to bullet vibrators and cock rings, a magic wand is an additional toy we’d recommend investing in.

Magic wand is a vibrator with a rounded head and flexible neck, designed to complement the contours of your body, with various levels of vibration that can be used for a soothing and sensual or deep tissue massage, and help to deliver increased pleasure and orgasm for shared pleasure or solo play. This multi-functional tool can help you to have an intimate and warming connection or act as a mechanism for mind blowing sex. 

Introducing toys at any age, or at any stage in a relationship does not act as a replacement to any current pleasure but it helps to add excitement, adventure and even more pleasure to a shared and loving experience. 

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