With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to get planning so your mum, grandma, wife or girlfriend has the best Mother’s Day possible.

If you happen to be buying for your partner, and it’s their first Mother’s Day, then you’ll need to make it extra special. Whether you’re thinking of hand delivering something, or you want to make it special with a mid-day parcel delivery, we’ve collated a rundown of some of the best gifts you can get a new mum for Mother’s Day.


This may sound strange, but we don’t mean run out and buy the newspaper that day. Instead, make sure you keep the newspaper from the day the baby was born. You can then get it framed before presenting it to her on Mother’s Day. It’s thoughtful, different, will look wonderful when put on display, and is something she’ll be able to keep forever.


Try getting the birthstones of both the mother and their baby. This could come in the form of jewellery, which means you could have a necklace made with both stones in, or you could buy two rings, with one of each. Or, you could even get a pair of earrings with a different birthstone in each one.

A Pamper Day


Becoming a parent can be really hard, as it’s a huge life shock, no matter how much you’ve prepared yourself for it. Therefore, this is something that’ll truly wow any new mum. Try booking a whole day or a few hours at the local spa, while offering to look after the baby, that’ll let her go and relax for a few hours.

At Home Pampering

Of course, some new mums might not want to be parted with their new bundle of joy so early on. If you’ve got the feeling that this may be the case, then you can create an ‘at home pampering kit’ she can use to unwind from inside her own home. Think things like face masks, body washes, and special lotions and potions that can be tipped into a nice, hot bath.

Some Light Entertainment

From a few books by her favourite author to a subscription to a music, film or television streaming service, this could go down a storm. As most new mums will be spending a lot of time at home, one of these will allow her to enjoy some relaxing ‘me time’ from the comfort of the living room.

These are only a few things that you can get a new mum this Mother’s Day, flowers are also a great shout that you could get delivered mid-day. But remember, this day is all about her and the gifts should reflect this, because after all, the baby will surely have been bought enough things by now.

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