There are three things that every mother wants for Mother’s Day: to not have to cook, spend time with their children, and be given some form of appreciation. Doing all of these, doesn’t have to cost the earth or be stressful.

Taking care of dinner

When it comes to occasions like Mother’s Day, restaurateurs hike up their prices. Which is seemingly unfair when the intentions behind it are to spoil someone you love!

There are ways to spoil mum with a meal though without it costing the earth or being too difficult to coordinate for larger numbers:

Host an afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

One very simple suggestion is to host an afternoon tea. For this, you simply need sandwiches, scones (with clotted cream and jam of course), cake, tea and if you’re into it, some prosecco. All of which can be bought from a supermarket if you don’t have the time to prepare this yourself.

Go for a picnic

If the weather is set to be nice, why not pack a little picnic and head to the seaside or park. Enjoy the sunshine and some easy but lovely food. If there are several of you in the family spending the day together you could each take on a picnic responsibility; someone takes care of the sandwiches, someone else the snacks, drinks etc. This is sure to be a relaxing and enjoyable option, just be sure to get yourselves some ice-cream too!

Cook a roast dinner

This isn’t necessarily the simplest option, but it is sure to be appreciated and more cost effective then heading out for a meal. To make it less stressful, you can prepare a lot of it the night before or the morning of:

  •  Cook the meat the night before: When it comes to timings and space, this can be the most stressful part so why not prepare and cook it the night before? Take it out about 20 minutes before you intend to eat it to allow it to reach room temperature. By the time you add hot vegetable and gravy you wouldn’t even notice it was done the night before.
  • Make your gravy and store it in the fridge overnight. To re-heat, pop it in a cold pan and heat gently, be sure to bring it back to the boil though before serving.
  • Prepare your vegetables early in the morning and sit them in water and salt until you’re ready to cook.

Gifts to appreciate

Mum does not want a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. Nor will she want anything that resembles the work it entails to keep a household or take care of the family. It doesn’t even have to be a grand gesture.

What does she like?

gift wrapping

A box of her favourite chocolates, a scented candle or candle holder (always seems to go down well with my mum and the boyfriends mum!), puzzle games, a new handbag or purse, picking up a selection of her favourite bathroom smellies. Giving her something that you know she likes will mean a lot. It shows you take an interest in her likes and are fully aware of what she doesn’t and wouldn’t appreciate.


A personalised gift always goes down a treat. For new mums it might be babies’ hand or foot prints in jewellery or where the children are all grown up and maybe where she has grandchildren, a family tree. These are things that she can cherish always and are sure to mean a great deal to her.


Even when you’re all grown up, mum can still appreciate a handmade gift. Perhaps it’s a cake bouquet, handmade card, maybe it’s a floral arrangement with flowers from your own garden or a photo album of cherished memories (especially it she hasn’t had time to organsie the photos she has). A gift doesn’t have to be costly, it just has to say, I am thinking of you.

What gifts or treats have you given to your mum in the past that were very appreciated?

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