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Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 9:00am by Samantha Clark

From Living Expenses To Travel


The only issue with these sites is remembering to look at them before you buy anything. But once you’ve established a good routine you can expect to save hundreds of pounds per year, especially considering you can save money on everything from household bills and food shopping to entertainment, clothing and beauty items. There’s no better time to sign up than the build up to Christmas- less than 100 sleeps to go!

  • Quidco
  • Topcashback – our only note for Topcashback is you’ll likely be registered for the premium version which costs £5 per year, it may not seem like a lot but if you don’t use the account this can be frustrating, particularly if you only remember to use it once per year. They don’t take money out of our bank account for it though which is a plus; they just deduct it from your receipts. You can change this in your account settings so it becomes a free site. Also any quibble with companies I’ve had to reclaim cashback with, they’ve been super helpful at dealing with it.

For advice

Sometimes you just need somewhere to go to get expert advice on money matters and where to go to find the best deal or find out if there is a deal out there in the first place. Money Saving Expert is well versed at getting a good deal and helping you pull out a claim when you’ve been treated unfairly. These guys have your back.

Looks too good to be true? As for authenticity of a company you’re looking to use, particularly helpful if you’re looking to buy big ticket items, insurance or take out loans with companies you’re unfamiliar with, Which? can provide you with that essential guidance; TrustPilot is also a great site for looking up reviews of a company. Get peace of mind, every time.

General savings

When it comes to everyday savings the following companies are a great starting point:

My Supermarket allows for you to search for your favourite brands and compare prices with the major supermarkets and other leading stores such as Boots, Poundland, Amazon, Lidl and Amazon. You can add your products straight to basket and they’ll take care of the organisation for you. It may take you a little time to scan through the different companies but you can save some serious poundage in the process.

You’re not guaranteed to get a deal every time but it is certainly worth the look. Vouchercodes is one of the most reliable voucher sites there is. If there is a deal out there, they’re likely to know about it. Aside from checking with the retailer direct (and their offers page), don’t waste your time searching for codes with others. It’s likely if Vouchercodes don’t have it, there isn’t one out there.

Groupon can be a hit and miss experience but if you’re willing to be flexible, you can get a good deal on just about anything. In particular, Groupon is great for a cheap meal, adventure/experience days and, on the odd occasion a good holiday too. In the lead up to Christmas they’re sure to have some budget friendly gift ideas.

Beauty buys

My favourite sites for all things makeup, skincare and hair are and most recently I discovered Escentual. If you’re looking for a great deal on your favourite brands then look no further than these two sites. In addition to lowest prices Escentual offers a point’s scheme which you can put towards future purchases.

As for treatments Groupon, Treatwell and Spabreaks are all great sites to search for and find the best deals for beauty treatments and spa days. If you don’t have a particular therapist you love and you’re looking for a nice day out or in desperate need of a treatment on the cheap then Groupon is a good a place as any to start- it’s also worth checking every now and then to see if your favourite salon has a deal running. Spabreaks are more versed at enlightening you to spas in your area and generally they’ll have the standard packages/prices but every now and then they’ll run a special deal- it also allows you to compare prices with spas in the area if you’re looking for a good deal, particularly if the facilities are similar. Treatwell on the other hand showcases a combination of spa and salons with treatments and spa days; they work with hundreds of salons across the country and will often run their own discounts such as recommend a friend to get so much off your next treatment and other special offers. They’ll also update their systems as and when a new deal with the salon/spa goes live.

For travel

Compare the cost of flights with Skyscanner; they network with hundreds of airlines from around the world. There’s a lot of flexibility with their search so you can find the best deals- adjust the flight length, price etc. and search with different airports to find the cheapest flight. If you’re concerned with the agent it’s booked through, just do a quick search through TrustPilot to see what others thought of them. Alternatively, go direct to the airline. You might be surprised!

As for hotel rooms, villas etc., I still find to have the cheapest deals. Trivago is a site that compares with leading travel sites like, Expedia etc. but I haven’t find their prices to be accurate so it is still worth having a little rummage. An additional advantage of is the free cancellation facility. You can always secure at the price you see through the free cancellation option and if you find something or even the same thing cheaper late you can cancel the booking and rebook at the better deal. Expedia is my second favourite travel site to book accommodation through. Want more reviews? Trip Advisor is the place to go.

Household bills

As for your household bills comparison sites really are best, particularly if you’re short on time.

You’ll probably have noticed that very few companies offer a loyalty discount with their policies and when you get your renewal through it is in fact more expensive. So always be vigilant to your existing and policies that are coming up for renewal. It really is worth spending a little time to get a comparable service cheaper. If you do like your service provider you can always take your cheaper quote to them and ask to beat or at least match it. Our preferred sites are:

  • USwitch– for energy, mobile plans, tv, finance and insurance.
  • Compare The Market – Not only do they compare prices with hundreds of suppliers and make it easy for you to understand but they’ll also send you out a limited edition doll which you can generally sell on eBay for £20 (though admittedly, they’re rather cute!) AND you’ll also get 2-4-1 movies for a year which, with inflating cinema tickets, is well worth having to get a discounted night out for you and the partner.

Need a little help to save?

Chip is a relatively new app out there but is one that can help you spot opportunities to save. The app has a read only access to your bank accounts and will monitor your spending patterns to help you identify how you can better manage your money and areas in which you can make savings.  It then sends you a message advising how and where you can make those savings and earn interest in the process.

Want some other ideas to save and manage money? Check out our Money Matters features for further details.

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